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"Bootyism, Right?" Tiger Woods Flamed At Masters

Tiger Woods Practices Bootyism At Masters

Almost six months past Tiger’s sexual infidelity scandals were revealed and people are still heckling the pro-golfer. After hiding from the public for months, checking in to sexual rehab, and emerging into the limelight to apologize to his wife Elin, his sponsors, his fans, and anyone else who stood in line who asked, Tiger has made several attempts to put his past behind him, but the public’s not yielding so easily.

As Woods, who held a squeaky clean image prior to scandal, teed off duringthe first hole of the Master’s Tournament, on April 8, 2010, a plane flew over the Master’s Tournament location, the Augusta National Golf Club, bearing a sign stating, Tiger: Did you mean Bootyism? Woods, raised as a Buddhist, previously admitted that leaving Buddhism spurred his out-of-control lifestyle, and has since recommitted to the faith.

Mixed reactions from us. The sign is funny, in an effed up way, but it’s not nice to make inflammatory comments of one’s religion or shortcomings, especially when they’ve apologized and have nothing to do with you. At the same time, we can also see how some people would do anything to show this man hatred or knock him off his course.

What say you? Would it burn your soul to see Tiger Woods win the Master’s effortlessly after everything he’s been through?

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