Cause He Damn Sure Can't Help You Now...

Was it cheating? You decide.

So, I was dating this guy for over 5 years to the point where you could say we were practically married (albeit a long distance marriage). We met through mutual friends but at the time we lived in different states. How we made it work in those first few critical months, I can’t even tell you. I guess it was the wonder of those frequent flyer miles.

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Husband cheated on me on another man after 25 years of marriage

My husband and I have been married for 26 years.  A couple of weeks short of the 26 years anniversary, he confessed to me that he has “serviced” a guy he solicited through Craigslist.  He said he enjoyed it and even wants to have anal sex with another guy.  He is 73 years old andContinue Reading

I hate my husband

Ok so I been married for six years, my marriage hasn’t been easy At all. My husband has done he’s dirty deeds on Facebook two years ago when I was prego, he started to chat alot with a chick. I found out that they were flirting with each other I confronted him about it. HeContinue Reading

Can Collaborative Law Make a Divorce Easier?

Collaborative law is a process that is available to any couples, whether married or unmarried, whose relationship has broken down and are facing disputes over plans for any children or anything financial. Continue Reading

My husband cheated

My husband told me he was going on a Marine Corp reunion.  Instead he met an old girlfriend he had located on Facebook and slept with her.  When he returned home, it was obvious that he wasn’t himself (guilt written all over his face). He confessed after I asked him 3x if he had somethingContinue Reading