Can Collaborative Law Make a Divorce Easier?


When people approach us at Panonne, a UK based family law firm, and are looking for divorce advice they often want to avoid the court process.  Collaborative law is a way of doing just that, you and your former partner meet in a series of face to face meetings with lawyers and seek to find lasting solutions to family law problems.  These meetings which hinge on mutual respect are generally considered more dignified than dealing with the court process which can often be very hostile.

Although collaborative law is only recently being embraced in the UK it has already had lot of success in the United States where the process originated. [Read more...]

Gifts for Divorced Women: Pink or Purple Ladies Tool Sets as Gifts for (soon to be) Divorced Women

Gifts for divorced, or soon-to be divorced, women can be difficult to shop for during the holidays, especially so if the divorce was only recently finalized. Women can become very nostalgic during the holidays, and remembering last year’s Christmas or Thanksgiving can tear them apart, especially if things seemed to be so much better last time around.

For the holidays, you’re at a loss. You want to get her something functional and handy she can use, or something lavish to provide her an escape. In terms of functional gifts with purpose, there’s nothing more empowering and functional than purchasing a pink or purple ladies tool set for her. Tool sets for women are just as handy and useful as the traditional ones designed for men. However, these might have handles in proportion to the smaller, more slender fingers most women have in comparison to the guys – and come in an array of feminine colors that add a pop of personality to them. Here are some tool sets for women which have been quite popular. [Read more...]

Help Me Save My Marriage: 4 Signs Your Love Life Needs a Tune Up

Marriage, like your favorite car, requires consistent preventative maintenance to keep it healthy. Failure to regularly assess areas of concern are one of the best ways to save a marriage or relationship problems from divorce or separation. Save your marriage before it gets that far by figuring out what you can do to keep things in shape. [Read more...]

Relationship Issues – How Do I Fix Them to Save My Marriage?

“My husband cheated. My once-perfect marriage is on the rocks – I’m even thinking about getting a divorce. I knew we were having relationship issues, but how the hell am I supposed to deal with this – or him? Is it even possible to save my marriage?”

The discovery and shock of your cheating husband and troubled marriage can make you feel desperate and alone. But please don’t beat yourself up! Your experience isn’t uncommon. Sadly, relationship issues plague many troubled marriages – and long before sexual affairs come into play. Infidelity is usually no more than a culmination of several underlying marital problems gone unaddressed in the husband-wife relationship. [Read more...]

Why I Cheated on My Girlfriend: His Honest Perspective

Confession: I am a boyfriend who cheated. I learned from my mistakes, and I am truly sorry. Having said that, I always laugh at how women’s magazines say “women cheat for emotional reasons, men cheat for sex.” That statement may be true for some men and women, but just as some women cheat for an emotional supplement, so can men. Yes, men are more logical, but we’re emotional, too just….well a lot less emotionally complicated than women (of course, I had to throw a jab in there). [Read more...]